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Villa Im Paradies - Familie Menger-Krug

Noble Sweet Wines

To wine lovers and connoisseurs, noble sweet wines are something very special. Highly viscous wine displays streaks of wine on the side of the glass called legs (also known as tears of wine or church windows). The unique taste fills the mouth entirely. Close your eyes and enjoy this elixir of life. Let it enchant you.

We offer you a variety of excellent noble sweet wines.

  • Auslese (selected harvest): noble wines made from very ripe grapes, unripe grapes are removed
  • Beerenauslese (selected grape harvest): full and fruity wines made from overripe, noble rot grapes; Botrytis improves quality; such wines cannot be harvested every wine year, they can be stored for decades
  • Trockenbeerenauslese (selected dried grape harvest): this top quality wine is made from noble rot grapes; it is sweet and honey-like and can be stored for many decades.
  • Ice Wine: made from grapes with the same minimum must gravity as for Beerenauslese; the grapes are hand-picked at a temperature of minus 7 degrees Centigrade and then pressed while frozen, so that only concentrated juice is extracted.