Villa Im Paradies

Familie Menger-Krug

Villa Im Paradies - Familie Menger-Krug

Quality and Philosophy

The principle of sustainability is by intuition very well suited for us as a family winery with several active generations. We bear the responsibility that also following generations can grow great wines in our vineyards. Our philosophy emanates from the awareness that extraordinarily fine wines can only develop from extraordinarily good and healthy grapes, which, in turn, can only grow in a functioning ‘vineyard ecosystem’ with living soils.

We are convinced that the foundation for excellent wines is laid in the vineyard. We grow wine with respect for nature. The soil is the source of life for the vines and it creates the character of the wines. Only healthy and strong vines can produce extraordinary wines.

By cultivating our vineyards in a sustainable manner we want to make a small contribution to the health of the global ecosystem.