Villa Im Paradies

Familie Menger-Krug

Villa Im Paradies - Familie Menger-Krug


Our family estate consists of the Motzenbäcker Estate (Ruppertsberg / Palatinate), the Krug’scher Hof Estate (Gau-Odernheim / Rhine-Hesse) and the Villa Im Paradies (Deidesheim / Palatinate).

Motzenbäcker Estate

The Motzenbäcker Estate is located in the Palatinate wine region where the climate is particularly favourable for winegrowing. However, also fig, lemon and almond trees flourish here. The vineyards of the Mittelhaardt Mountains are embedded between the Palatine Forest in the West and the Rhine Valley in the East. A powerful, yet elegant fruit combined with a harmonic body structure characterizes our wines. The vines are up to 40 years old. They grow on light and warm variegated sandstone soil. Our most important vineyard sites are: Ruppertsberger Reiterpfad, Deidesheimer Paradiesgarten and Ruppertsberger Hoheburg. Each of these sites develops an individual wine, full of character.

Krug’scher Hof Estate

The Krug’scher Hof Estate is located in the well-known Rhine-Hesse wine region, the land of 1000 hills and avenues. A composition of different soil types creates Riesling wines with an enormous variety of taste. Grown on calcareous soils the wines show minerality and well-structured fruit. Clay soils make the wines full-bodied and expressive with elegant, well-sustained notes, whereas loess stimulates an intensive and clear character. Our most important vineyard sites are: Alzeyer Römerberg, Gau-Köngernheimer Vogelsang, Gau-Odernheimer Herrgottspfad as well as Bechtheimer Rosengarten.

Villa Im Paradies

The Villa Im Paradies is also located in the Palatinate, in the town of Deidesheim, next to Ruppertsberg. You will also find our Vinothek here. The prestigious villa can be booked for events such as wine tastings, family celebrations or business events.

Come and visit our wine store Vinothek Villa Im Paradies.